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Sasha Dorodeiko

Sasha Dorodeiko is a musician and composer with more than 15 years of experience in making music. During that time, he did many gigs with different bands and individually playing music ranging from post rock, downtempo, techno to ambient and experimental electronics. In addition to that, he recently started trying himself out as a film composer having just finished his first soundtrack for a short movie which is going to be released soon.

Originally a guitarist, but constantly looking for ways to make a guitar sound not like a guitar, he later switched to computer music and electronic music production with Ableton. One can at once notice this “dual background” of traditional and computer music in him which expresses itself in both musicality and interest in experimental textures and (non)-musical sounds.

The first electronic solo EP of Sasha will be released in June on Still Sunday Records. Two tracks from his upcoming release as well as an older track are temporarily made available for listening on Soundcloud.



In collaboration with Still Sunday, Sasha will be giving a 3-months course in which he will teach the basics of electronic music production using Ableton Live. The course is aimed to provide students with the basic knowledge necessary to produce and record music in Ableton. Elementary music theory will be also covered in simple terms. By the end of the course, every student will record a track in Ableton and present it to the group.

The course is suitable for people without any musical background as well as for those who already play and make music with “traditional” instruments. Coming from a guitar background himself, Sasha believes that electronic music production can be less intuitively understandable as playing life instruments, and, thus - somewhat intimidating even for experienced non-digital musicians. This course should help such musicians to find their way in the endless possibilities of computer music.

Click here for a detailed course overview.