Coming 10 November: Still Sunday art & music magazine and Release Party


Still Sunday brings captivating art and music, exhibiting it in the most accessible and exciting ways through an online magazine and offline events. Starting November 10th 2018, with the launch of the website and a big release party in Nijmegen.

In our ever more restless and overstimulated society, people have unlearned to really look, listen and feel. Still Sunday seeks to enlighten you as to feel a sense of wonder again by providing you with an accessible space where you can explore and experience art. All in freedom and tranquility.

Through the way of presenting works of various media we invite you to discover new content, that may lie out of your comfort zone.

Together we wish to build a community based on wonder, open mindedness and a general interest in the arts, both online and through local events.

Be welcome to join us November 10th and experience it from the beginning at our micro-festival. Come at ease, explore and connect.

Release Party Details
Facebook Event
Waalbandijk 14 E/F
6541 AJ Nijmegen
10 November
04:00 PM – 04:00 AM
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♥ Help Us Out ♥
If you’d like to support Still Sunday financially we we would really appreciate it if you could spare a monthly donation on Liberapay (without a fee) or Patreon. A one-time donation is also possible on NL50 TRIO 0379 3904 85 (to Stichting Still Sunday).

Or, if you like going to webshops, you can sponsor us for free by visiting them via Sponsorkliks (check it out, it’s awesome!).
We are a completely non-profit organization, merely sustained by volunteers.